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Eco-Friendly Hard Surface Cleaning And Sealing

If your once-beautiful stone and concrete surfaces are now discolored, faded, cracked or muddy, you’ve just found a solution. The Sealer Guy provides expert, hard-surface cleaning and sealing services.

Our team of professionals have over 30 years’ experience to help protect and enhance your high-quality residential and commercial properties with expert cleaning, sealing and restoration of concrete, tile and stone surfaces, including patios, poolside areas, terraces, garden paths, driveways and car parks. In addition to helping protect your investment in new construction, we can also provide maintenance and restoration solutions for any existing hard surfaces.


Sealing and Colour

Restoration and Maintenance

Tony Haeata

Why Choose Us?

Our company are highly respected specialists who have been performing high quality sealing services for more than 30 years, developing techniques and services that will let you be confident in the durability and lifespan of your concrete, tile and stone surfaces. The Sealer Guy is here to help provide every single customer with thorough, safe and effective cleaning, sealing and restoration procedures for all concrete, tile and stone surfaces.

  • Respect for you and your property.
  • Uncompromising standards of quality and workmanship—guaranteed.
  • A collaborative approach to ensure the fulfilment of your vision.

Tony and our other team members bring exceptionally high standards of professionalism to each job. We’ll listen to your specific goals for the project, have a high regard for you and your home and complete the work to your full satisfaction. 

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You’ve invested a lot of time and money into having your concrete, tile, and stone surfaces enhance your outdoor living spaces. We will make sure that your investment pays off by providing you with the best sealant and cleaning solution in New Zealand to keep your surfaces looking like new for as long as possible.