Restoration and Maintenance

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Proper sealing of your surface means greater protection, longer life, and easier cleaning and maintenance.

However, pavers, stone and concrete will age over time and can often be the one feature that is not in keeping with the high standards on the rest of your property. When this is the case, a deep clean and re-seal can make a dramatic difference in the overall appearance as evidenced by our BEFORE and AFTER gallery.

Periodic maintenance agreements are available to ensure that your surfaces continue to be presented in the best manner possible.


Surfaces treated by The Sealer Guy can become much more resistant to common stains, as indicated in the following table:

Stain TestedRinsing With Cold Water After 20 MinutesRinsing With Cold Water After 4 Hours
Used engine oilSlight stainStain
Hot CoffeeVery slight stainVery slight stain
Household ammoniaNo residual stainNo residual stain
MethanolNo residual stainNo residual stain
Household Bleach (chlorine)No residual stainNo residual stain
Red WineSlight stainSlight stain
Hot TeaVery slight stainVery slight stain
JiffVery slight stainVery slight stain
After washing with Enviro Cleaner from Chemetall and brush, then hosed off with clean water
Used engine oilExtremely slight stain
Red WineStain completely removed

The longer the offensive material remains on the surface of the concrete tile the more difficult it is to remove. Wash off stain immediately using Enviro Cleaner from Chemetall and rinse thoroughly with copious amounts of cold water. If cleaning with a pressure washer virtually complete stain removal is achieved. Organic leaf and Kwila stains can be treated with household bleach. Enviro Cleaner from Chemetall available from Hi-Chem NZ Ltd.

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